Entities in the API

In order to understand the API and start working with it, it first helps to understand the core entities of the API and their relationship to what appears the mobile apps and the Customer Portal.


Users represent both Workers (or “Wonoloers” — those who are hired for a job) as well as Employers (also sometimes called Requesters) who post and manage jobs.

See the Managing Workers section for more details.

Job Requests

Job Requests represent some work to be done — e.g. “I need 10 people tomorrow to stack boxes for 8 hours, starting at 10am”

See the section about creating job requests for more information.


Jobs represent the act of one Worker doing the work. There is a 1-n relationship between Job Requests and Jobs. When a Worker accepts a Job Request, a Job is created linking the Worker with the Job Request

Note that the word “job” is often used loosely to refer to both Job Requests and Jobs. In this document, the capitalized versions are used to specifically refer to Job Requests vs Jobs and the lowercase version is used in the more general sense.

See the section Hiring Workers and Monitoring Job Progress for more information.


Badges represent a skill, certification or experience that can be assigned to workers and required for jobs.

See the section Managing Badges for more information.


Wonolo's in-app Messages allow a Requestor and a Wonoloer to communicate about a Job.