Finding and Communicating with Workers

Using Notifications

Notifications are sent to Workers to alert them about the availability of jobs. Notifications are sent by push by default but can optionally be sent by text message as well.

If the Job Request has "preferred" Wonoloers (defined through the 'preferred_candidate_ids' property) "preferred" Notifications will first be sent to those Preferred Wonoloers who have not already accepted the JobRequest.

If the Job Request does not have "preferred" Wonoloers, the available Wonoloer pool will be re-ranked (see below) and Wonoloers will be notified in resulting ranked order.

The timing of sending Notifications can be configured through the push_all_notifications_asap property and it is possible to invoke a resend of notifications for a particular Job Request.

N.B. in both cases, the Wonoloers notified will not necessarily be (and are unlikely to be) exactly the same list as the prior instances when notifications were sent.

Using Rankings

”Ranking” in the system is used to decide which Workers should be notified of a Job Request and in what order.

There are aspects of Ranking which can be configured, such as the “Ranking Formula” that is used to calculate the rank for each Worker. It can be as simple as notifying based on the Worker’s distance to the job but often is more complex.

It is possible to list the Wonoloers as they are currently ranked for a given Job Request.

NB: Ranking does not necessarily determine which jobs the Worker can see in the Wonolo App – it merely defines who gets notified

Using Messaging

Wonolo's in-app Messages allow a Requestor and a Wonoloer to communicate about a Job.

Messages may include an optional image URL and are marked once read.