Webhooks allow your system to be notified of changes to certain Wonolo resources via an HTTP call initiated from the Wonolo platform to a designated URI.

Currently, Webhooks are available for state changes to Job Request and Job resources.

Webhook Configuration and Authentication

To enable Webhooks, please first obtain your API keys and then contact us.

The URI you provide to Wonolo for Webhook callbacks must be configured to accept https requests.

Webhooks are authenticated using a X-Wonolo-Webhook-Token HTTP header. This header is set to a SHA256 digest of the Webhook's JSON body concatenated with your secret API key.

Debugging Webhooks

Webhooks are automatically retried if the Wonolo Platform does not receive a 2xx HTTP response code. The system will send 3 automatic retries after intervals of 60, 120 and 240 seconds.

In the test environment, you can review the set of Webhooks that were made in Admin at https://test.wonolo.com/admin/webhook_calls

Manually resend individual Webhooks from Admin and review the raw responses returned to Wonolo.